Rock Lottery 2012!

What if everything you did, you put yourself on a 24-hour deadline? This was the idea at our first ever Rock Lottery held at the Waldorf hotel on Jan 29th, 2012. We took 25 of our favourite Vancouver musicians, gave them some breakfast and coffee, randomly pulled names from a hat to assemble five totally new bands, and gave them a day and a half to write a 15-minute set. The tracks below were recorded from the floor at the final performance, and showcase an incredibly diverse range of musical genres and abilities.

The Rock Lottery was also a triple-whammy effort from The Association of Very Good Ideas, Instruments of Change, and Girls Rock Camp Vancouver. How can you not create something awesome with all three of these organizations involved? All funds raised went to the creation of a new Ladies Rock Camp to be held in a women’s prison.

Thanks to all you amazing musicians and volunteers who made the magic happen! And thanks to The Waldorf!

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