Rock Lottery 2012!

What if everything you did, you put yourself on a 24-hour deadline? This was the idea at our first ever Rock Lottery held at the Waldorf hotel on Jan 29th, 2012. We took 25 of our favourite Vancouver musicians, gave them some breakfast and coffee, randomly pulled names from a hat to assemble five totally new bands, and gave them a day and a half to write a 15-minute set. The tracks below were recorded from the floor at the final performance, and showcase an incredibly diverse range of musical genres and abilities.

The Rock Lottery was also a triple-whammy effort from The Association of Very Good Ideas, Instruments of Change, and Girls Rock Camp Vancouver. How can you not create something awesome with all three of these organizations involved? All funds raised went to the creation of a new Ladies Rock Camp to be held in a women’s prison.

Thanks to all you amazing musicians and volunteers who made the magic happen! And thanks to The Waldorf!

Frontier Radio: A Media Democracy Day Special

The following short radio piece was created and recorded by a team of ten people totally new to radio. At a workshop yesterday for Media Democracy Day, we threw participants into the thick of it, challenging them to script, plan, and record a short radio piece on a topic of their choice. They chose to discuss and review the panels they had attended for Media Democracy Day on November 12th. This piece will now be used for podcast, broadcast, and has already been transmitted on a low-power radio transmitter, representing the spectrum of radio options in independent media today.

Thanks go to all the participants for jumping in so readily, and to Brady Marks for co-hosting the workshop with me.

Episode 9: Back Into the Loving Arms of Meat

For all of you recovering vegetarians out there pecking away at organic, grain-fed, ethically raised chicken – this podcast will help explore some issues that might be on your mind. Issues like “how do I shop at a meat counter without embarrassing myself?” and “Which type of sausage is best for snacking?” and “What does it feel like when a butcher is nailed in the back with a giant pork loin?”

Warning to the faint of ear – I did visit a butcher shop for this one, resulting in some intense sawing and grinding noises. They’re kind of gross.

Tin Can Radio

Long time no see! This is a special episode resulting from an experiment, in which I built a radio transmitter. With the help of the Tin Can Studio in Vancouver, we arranged for 3 full days of radio mayhem, driving around in an Airstream trailer and broadcasting to whoever lay within a 5-block radius. The sounds below are the live raw files from our broadcast. Beware – it’s a different style of radio than my normal podcasts, as we threw the fancy production out the window in favour of spontaneous live energy.

The first link is the archive from host Matty Harris, featuring live noise performances, and interviews on the topic of “How Radio Changed My Life.” Matty is one of my favorite campus/community radio hosts.

The second link is from the day I hosted, featuring interviews about Media Democracy, live music performances, discussions about Headbanding, and the city coming by to shut us down, and then leaving, at which point we started again.

Noise and News

For all you noise-heads out there, my new series is devoted to digesting the often overwhelming daily news in a new format. A noisy format. Since I spend much of my day working at a radio station listening to various news clips from various sources, I have tossed a random smattering of news clips in with some music I’ve made/mixed in Ableton Live. I need an excuse to learn this program properly and make weird music, so here we are: Noise and News!